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Welcome to this prime number site

My name is Gunnar Appelqvist, Sweden, and I have for many years been interested in mathematics and espacially the prime numbers. I am an amatuer and look at the math problems both from a philosofic and mathematic point of view.

Some years ago I discovered two kind of patterns which I would like to share. The first one is a checked web constructed out of filled and empty squares. This pattern seems to govern how, where and why the prime numbers occur as they do. My intention is also to present a possible formula which can be used to conclude if a number is prime or not. The second one is a circle forming the most beautiful pattern from the decimal rows you get when dividing 1 with the prime numbers.

In the menu on the left you can follow step by step the construction and function of the prime web.There are also som results from the analyzis. Finally you find a link to the prime circle patterns.

©  Gunnar Appelqvist

Latest update 2009-01-29